strobelight deku go brrrrr


a better look at the special Aizawa illustration card that Horikoshi made!


  1. Posted by multired17, — Reply

    Imagine his parents are just super positive, colorful people and their son is a tired hobo hero who is the unofficial dad of 22 kids

  2. Posted by Satans_ADHD, — Reply

    Resting tired bitch face all his life

  3. Posted by oops_a_lesbian_has_appeared, — Reply

    Does Aizawa know what a haircut is ( not saying his hair looks bad I love it but still)

  4. Posted by delanta13, — Reply

    The fact that he wasn’t afraid to wear a kitty t-shirt as a child shows how much of a badass he is

  5. Posted by kat90frolova, — Reply

    Ok ok ok wait- bby aizawa wears this Neko sweater and in the second opening of s4 eri lost a sweater that looked exactly the same and after some clips we see aizawa holding the sweater EEEEK it’s so cute 😭❤️

  6. Posted by sukiiiyo, — Reply

    okay but is no one gonna talk about how the shirt he wore as a kid is of the same brand (?) he wanted Eri to wear 🥺

  7. Posted by Trixtrix363, — Reply

    Why does baby Aizawa look like that one kid who thought they owned the playground

  8. Posted by Crybaby_Gigi_Dummy_, — Reply

    Ah, so he always looked like he hated the world except cats and wants to sleep for all of eternity lol should have known😂

  9. Posted by TheGirlWithKnives, — Reply

    HE KINDA LOOKS LIKE KOTA!!! Ya know... the kid that punched izuku in the balls...

  10. Posted by Throwthemicrowave, — Reply

    He has only felt one emotion and nothing more

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